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Organization comittee has declared that WSF 2013 is extended. This is
to make the forum accessible to all around the world, especially to "voiceless" people who are deprived of financial resources or the right to move.

The Maghrebian Social Forum's Steering Committee and the WSF 2013 Tunisian Secretariat are endorsing the fact that the WSF 2013 will have an « extended » form..

This « extended » form will allow organizations, networks and movements from civil societies that wish to do so, to actively participate in the WSF 2013 wherever they will be in the world, and whatever the size of the delegation they can send to Tunis

What is extension

4 Activities   Four types of activities in the extended forum

Enlarge All activities can be enlarged on the internet

Program Extension  is visible in the WSF website  program

contact : contact.extension chez fsm2013.org       skype : contact.tunes

list of activities out of tunis : http://www.fsm2013.org/en/node/1432

how to initiate local activités: node/2604

list of activities enlarged on internet : http://www.fsm2013.org/en/node/497

how to enlarge on internet your activity  http://www.fsm2013.org/en/node/4077

All organisations agreeing on WSF charter of principles,
can participate as of now  in WSF 2013  sending or not delegates in tunis,

Announce! announce activities out of Tunis and make contacts in the website wiht other organizations

Prepare! Prepare your activities with support of TUNES  groups (Tunis Extension Support) 

Anyone can participate and contribute  in WSf2013

Participate  from where you live and act for another possible world , in or away from tunis

 Be a dynamizers of extension !  Join a TUNES group  to support , train, accompany  organizers of extended actiivities 
Come with your interpretation skills, or your practice of intercommunicaiton tools on, internet,  and more important  with your desire to 
foster inter-communication throughout wsf process

Local activities, Tele Encounter Activties

.une tele rencontre..  

Local Activity France -     
tele encounter s France Brazil        Dakar -Zambia             Mexico - Japan

Enlarging actvitiies on the Internet

1 2
1 why not share and record extraordinary moments of gathering of activists in Tunis
2 Enlargement on internet of a meeting in Kurdistan
two video laptops chat laptop and a webcam

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