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Registrations are open for the WSF 2013, which will take place in Tunisia, from the 26th to the 30th of March, in Tunis.
Tunis 2013 will have an "extended" form (link) to allow the broadest participation of people and organizations who feel part of the WSF process, wherever they are on the planet.

Registration is needed for all the steps which will come before the WSF itself : submitting activites, grouping together with other movements or organizations, proposing a "convergence assembly", book a stall, etc. You will have to register individually first Individual Registration , and then register an organization or join an existing organization if it's already been registered by someone. Keep in mind that organizations only can submit activities or assemblies !

If you have difficulties to get an internet access, or if you know people who need to register themselves or submit activities but who don't have any internet access, we advise you to get in touch with the Secretariat of the organizing committee, in Tunis :
E-mail : secretariat@fsm2013.org
Phone : 0021671240559

- Individual Registration:

The following information will be requested for your registration :
* An username, easy to remmeber, so that you can use it each time you'll get connected to your participant space.
* An E-mail : your email address, on which you will receive the confirmation request for your individual registration
* Fill in the form with the other datas (First name, last name...) before submitting it by clicking on the button "Create an account".
When you'll have validated your registration, you will receive an email to confirm this registration (check also in your spam box). Follow the link provided in this email to finalize your individual registration, by chosing a password, adding a picture to your profile etc
In case you face any difficulty, don't hesitate to contact us to secretariat@fsm2013.org

2- Registration of an organization:

- Log on to the site using your username and password
- Follow the link "Register an organization"

3- Proposing an activity

As you probably know, the main part of the activities held during a WSF are the result of proposals coming from organizations and movements from all around the world. To achieve that, several steps have to be implemented :

- From 15 October to January 20th 2013 all the organizations can submit proposed activities (discussions, workshops...) through the website, indicating the thematic area in which this activity will be included.

- On the 20th of January 2013, the proposed activites stage will be closed. All the submitted activities will then be published on the website, with the contacts (email, phone number...) of the persons who submitted them.

- 24 December to 1 February 2013 is the amalgamation or « agglutination » phase for activities to be held in Tunis. This in a very important and core part of the WSF process and rôle: Promoting the exchange of experiences and the development of international actions and campaigns.

- 21 January until 15 February is when all activities are registered on the website, with details provided regarding room size, translation needs, date and time preferences, whether or not an "expanded" (off site) activity will be organized... Your "thematic area" will have been chosen to enable us to organize physical spaces at the main site of the Forum. It is also at this step that you can express your choices for the "convergence assemblies" which take place during the final day.

- In early March the program will be published on this website and in a printed version.

To submit an activity :

1- On the website, get in your personal account with your username and password
2- If you haven't done it yet, register your organization
3- Fill in the form "Submit an activity", one form by activity you want to submit.
4- Chose at least one thematic axis for your activity.

If you dont have an account in the site follow this link : Individual Registration

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